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“OhmyNews” is an internet-based news organisation in South Korea, aiming to promote free speech, identity and privacy.

Started in 2000 as “a pioneer of internet news business model” as noted by New York Times, it has now become one of the most successful citizen journalism web sites in the world, with about 80, 000 citizen journalists submitting about 200 stories a day.

To guarantee the credibility of the news stories, every citizen reporter has to be background-checked before they can sign up and the stories they submit would be fact-checked.

The editors would select the stories (one-third of the stories would be rejected) and arrange them on page, later the contributors would be paid according to the page positions of their stories- around AUD20 for top story, AUD10 for sub-top and AUD2 for basic story.

Nonetheless, I personally think most people are not submitting their articles for money but more the approval they can get from the readers- readers can “like” or “dislike” the stories.

“OhmyNews” does not only publish hard news but also accepts articles which include authors’ opinion as long as they are good and fact based, which I see as a practice that does encourage freedom of speech.

Its english page “OhmyNews International” used to be like its official Korean site, a site where journalists can submit their stories to but recently there has been a change in its policy- it now concentrates more on commentary on citizen journalism and its role in democracy.

Currently it only sources news form other established citizen journalism organisations and only publish original stories occasionally.

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August 13, 2010 at 5:42 am

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