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Can e-reader be a savior of the newspaper industry?

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Emergence of internet has forced the media to change the ways they distribute information. Web news services were opened to the public for free in the beginning, which now the media may probably be regretting- people have been so used to it that they are now feeling reluctant to pay for the contents.

News agents have tried many ways to got more readers actually pay for their online contents, but only a few works. What the news agents have done in these years have told us that people only pay for the contents if you are providing users unique information or services, or that you are bringing them convenience that  cannot be obtained elsewhere easily.

Now there are Kindles and iPad and many other e-readers that have emerged and the market is expecting more. Are they gonna make things easier for the news industry? To me, the answer is “yes”.

E-readers like iPad are born with an advantage- convenience and capability of multi-media that analogue prints cannot match. Through a well designed internet store like iTunes, news agents can charge their users for their contents monthly or so. If it is well designed (good layout helps differentiate it from ordinary internet reading), with good content and of decent price, I believe people would pay for it.

(Photo from paidcontent.co.uk)

E-readers are still pretty new to most people and thus users are not feeling reluctant to pay for news subscriptions and they will probably get used to it.

Nonetheless, I have to remind the industry again- decent price!


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July 30, 2010 at 11:24 am

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Journalism Convergence

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(Photo from macrumors.com)

(Photo from digitaltrends.com)

What is meant by Journalism convergence is basically the shift of the distribution of information through analogue prints to that through the internet. This topic has long been discussed ever since internet has become popular.

According to the World Bank, around 70.8% of the Australian population, 75.9% of the US population has got internet access in 2008.

Internet has an advantage over paper prints on the fact that news can be published on the website in multi-media form with audio visuals in addition to the traditional photos and words.

Not only that it allows information to be delivered to readers in more ways, the internet also enables the concept of “24-hour newsroom” to come true. Now news is updated in minutes intervals; audience can get the latest news through the web.

This is a crucial  feature which make people read news online on the news website.

Now the Apple iPad is released ( Apple said it sold 3.27 million iPads during the quarter (till 26 June)), which in my opinion, would push the Journalism convergence further, leading more people to start reading news on other media rather than on printed newspaper.

I am saying this as an iPad user.

iPad with its big touch screen is like a combination between the internet and a book.

When certain apps are installed on the iPad, news feed would get updated automatically every time when you open them up, which is really convenient.

There would be a whole new layout, which would be a combination between that of internet and traditional print media.

Mag+ from Bonnier on Vimeo.

For journalists, there are no other options but to adapt, to learn to report with multi-media.

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July 23, 2010 at 10:38 am

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