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According to a study done by RJMetrics Inc. published on Computerworld,  till December 2009, there are 75million Twitter users but only 17% of them tweeted in the month; there are large percentage of inactive accounts with about 25% of those without followers and about 40 per cent of the users have never sent any tweet.

Do you know what these statistics have shown? Most people are using Twitter as a consumption media like me- following latest updates of different news and this is incredibly handy for me as a person and a journalism student.

Twitter as said before, allows only 140 characters short postings which is really helpful in these days when we are inundated by too many information- short news postings in a format of hard news lead paragraph enable us to be notified of what is happening around without having to read articles.

In addition, Twitter is good for doing research as there are Tweet searching tool like Twitterfall.

But twitter is even more than that, it is special for its fast responsiveness which makes it a great communication tool and you would know what I mean if you still remember what happened in April 2008 when American journalist James Karl Buck tweeted “ARRESTED” when arrested by Egyptian police.

It is likely that you will get the most first hand information on Twitter and they would be useful news material just like what happened back in 2007 when there was an earthquake in Mexico, twitter users tweeted about it faster than anyone.

Keep an eye on your twitter account!


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August 26, 2010 at 1:39 pm

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