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Mojo…all you need is a smartphone.

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I believe no one can disagree that news report has to be done in a multi-media style in this modern age with videos, pictures, words and sounds.

A few years back, when doing the latest news update on TV and internet, video journalists have to take the full responsibility with their clumsy backpack reporting kit which takes so much time to set up and then they have to shoot the video, transfer the data to the laptop and finally send it to the internet, but things have now changed.

Journalists in these days would be equipped with a smartphone which is capable of taking pictures, shooting videos and recording sounds- we have discussed this before when talking about user-generated content and you know you have the potential to become a mobile journalist as long as you have a smartphone.

We call this kind of journalism mobile journalism (mojo) and their smartphones the mojo reporting kits, which offer journalists high mobility and efficiency.

Take latest iPhone 4 as an example, it can take HD videos, good quality photos and voice recording and with its apps, journalists can just do the editing on the phone right away and then they can just send these materials to the newsroom through the 3G internet.

Convenient, isn’t it? But wait, there is even more- there are apps(e.g. Ustream or Qik) that allows users to stream their video live, which means it is possible to broadcast live on TV through a cell phone!

Honestly, with a smartphone, what else do you need as a journalist?


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September 10, 2010 at 7:14 am

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STOMP in Singapore

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Its STOMP stand for Straits Times online mobile and print. It is a Singapore based website which allows people to send them pictures, videos and story ideas through internet and mobile phones.

It is targeted towards generation Y and does not seem to be reporting any news on national affairs, but instead they report any issues that interest youngsters- and the news materials are also provided by the same group of people.

The materials sent to STOMP will be selected and verified and news story will be written by their producers- the news stories made can however hardly be called articles, they are basically a lead paragraph with narrations and opinions of their sources.

Such kind of citizen journalism is good in a way that news which were usually ignored by traditional newspapers are now reported.

Meanwhile, STOMP is also a social media: it has got a “Just Talk Lah” page which allows users to interact- the fact that STOMP is a all in one website has encourages users to read and comment on the stories, which means that although they are some insignificant news, they may still catch a lot of attentions just like this one about a bunch of irresponsible and impolite waiters– it has over 10, 000 hits.

Some of the selected materials may be used on newspaper print The Straits Times and the sources of materials would be  acknowledged.

Call me crazy but STOMP is just not my cup of tea.

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September 3, 2010 at 1:07 pm

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