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How could journalists make good use of multi-media?

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Clearly, the newspaper industry has to change and find a way to start reporting with multi-media. The question is how?

Audit Bureau of Circulations figures released in May showed declines in readership at most Australian newspapers, with circulation for the January-to-March quarter down on the same period last year: The Age’s Monday-to-Friday circulation declined 4.1 per cent , the Herald Sun‘s dropped 1.74 per cent.

Less people are buying newspaper in these day is mainly because young people are not reading news on newspaper print like their parents and grandparents– they would rather read it on the internet.


Daily Newspaper Readership by Age Group (1999 - 2006)


People still do read newspaper, but to sustain or increase the readership, reporting news in multi-media style through the internet seems to be the only resort.

Noticing how citizen journalism has developed in these days, the industry should now be aware of the advantage of the power of the all-in-one multi-functions smartphone.

The images and footages captured by the cellphone may be of lower quality than those bulky and expensive equipments, but its high mobility and the fact that it can access to the internet on itself give it other advantage- it allows news update despite time and space.

The news content it brings may compensate its imperfect qualities.

All it takes is a smartphone for a journalist to report in multi-media style.

Not only can you film with a smartphone, with certain softwares you can also do editing on the phone itself before sending it to the newsroom, which would enable quicker news updates.

I believe all journalists should be equipped with smartphones (i.e iphone) so they can be flexible when working on a story and decide the best ways to publish it.

What is more, when any breaking news happen around them, it would make possible for them to film and take pictures and allow them to get the most first-hand information.

As a professional in the journalism industry, it is either that you are really good in a specific area (i.e writing, photojournalism or filming) or you have to learn how to handle multi-media journalism- being able to report a story with multi-media.

Nonetheless, as mentioned before, it is an undoubted fact that the number of professional journalists can never match the number of citizen journalists- they may not be reporting as professionally and objectively as professionals but they are usually the ones who get the most first-hand materials.

Sounds like a strong competitor, but do the industry really has to compete with them? I think not. Reality has proved not.

News industry can encourage people to send their news materials to them and then they will verify the information and work on the stories themselves.

In this way, citizen journalists have in fact become a new source of information, with large coverage on different places.


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October 6, 2010 at 12:35 am

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