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Internet marks the sunset of newspaper industry…

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Newspaper has always been a good source of news for the public. It also used to be an industry where news agencies can make money through advertising- until internet appeared and become so common.

The industry tried to make use of this new platform by publishing news content on their websites and allow people to read them for free. Wrong strategy, mate. People has become so used to free reading and hence unwilling to pay for it.

According to a report released in January 2009 by Nielsen Online, US’s “top 10 online newspapers posted a 16 percent increase in December Web traffic”.

This is not the only thing that contributes to the fade of the newspaper industry though, the information explosion also plays an important role in it. By information explosion, I mean the rapid increase of a vast amount of information on the internet.

Summed up by newworldencyclopedia.org and by my own judgement, the main reason for the situation is the rapid increasing rate of information due to “the ease of duplication and transmission of data across the Internet” and “an increase in the available channels of incoming information”.

As a result of such information explosion, readers have more information sources to choose from. To put it simply: why pay content when there are free ones; if you try to make me pay for your things, I will walk away and go to some other websites.

Citizen journalism maybe one of those who stand in the way of the newspaper industry. Equipments like camcorder, camera and voice recorder are becoming smaller,  better quality and cheaper in these days, hence even ordinary citizen can work on their own stories- not to mention the widely available muti-functions smartphone like an iPhone, which allows people to record audio-visuals in just one tiny machine.

These people may publish their own stories on their own blog. There are blogging sites which allow people to set up their own web page and write on it, post pictures and videos on it. So people make good use of their audio-visuals taken and report the stories with multi-media.

News agencies would find it hard to compete with citizen journalism as no matter how many professional journalists they have got, they just cannot compete with the number of citizens. As a result of such difference in quantity, it is more likely that citizen journalists would get the most first-hand information.

Competition raises people’s expectations, now people know what can be done on the internet, they then expect news to be updated frequently and delivered with multi-media- and these are something that traditional print newspaper cannot give them.

There are no other way other than adopting a multi-media reporting style.


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October 6, 2010 at 5:33 pm

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